Sunday, February 1, 2009

God Of Fortune!

福神! ( 記得要寄出 )
Fortune God! (Remember to forward)

祝我身邊的每一位朋友都能 ~ 幸福! 快樂!富足 !
Bless all my friends with good fortune, happiness and prosperity!

這是會為你帶來好運的七福神 ~
These seven fortune gods will bring good fortune to you.

只要把他轉寄給你想祝福的人 , 你的夢想便會實現唷!
Just forward to all your friends that you want to wish, and your dream will come true!


Remember always smile happily and good fortune will follow you.
....... 幸福 .... 跟隨你左右!

May happiness always be your side!
.... 煩惱 .... 隨風而遠逝!
…… worries ……… follow the wind and be blown away!

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