Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Mysterious Tree In India

A Mysterious Tree in Nalgonda (Andra Pradesh)-India

You all see lah true or not..Tambirang or not ...investigate yourself lah...Anyway the 'carving' on the tree bark just nice.

Has anyone been to AP to see this tree for real?

At a glance you may be confused the above tree with a massive trunk with a 'Baobab'

tree (which is renowned to possess the largest tree trunks of the world) but, this is yet
another unknown specie which is seen in the close proximity of a hermitage deep in the
dense forest in 'Andra Pradesh' in India.

Now have a close look at the bark and experience the unbelievable figures of creatures engraved in the surface
of the entire tree trunk!!

Absolutely real!!!

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